Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Oh the gold! The Museum of Art History in Vienna is filled with the most incredible pieces of gold art and ivory carvings – all delicate and unbelievably detailed.

Ivory carving in Kunsthistoriches Museum Vienna

There are so many incredible sculptures its taking an inordinate amount of time getting around the museum. Also I decided to pick up an audio guide and so find myself pausing often to listen to extended explanations – sometimes out of interest and other times out of guilt.

My favourite part of the museum is probably the Egyptian section. I’ve always been fascinated with this area and period. I can’t wait until I finally visit. I find myself thinking, as I wander the halls, that I must have lived in this time once…

We end up spending about five hours here, which doesn’t seem nearly enough. At about 4:30pm we are tripping our way home for lunch (yes lunch). Michelle found an awesome Chinese restaurant near our hostel yesterday and it’s time for a second visit.

Internal organ jars, Egypt.